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We are passionate about maximizing your horses athletic potential and also very aware of the benefits on offer when rehabilitating an injured horse or a horse that has undergone or is about to undergo strenuous activity. We have 2 FMBS Activo-Med Combi Pro Magnetic therapy and Massage Rugs with front and hind PEMF Leg Wraps available to hire, with a range of different options available depending upon your requirements. H​ire periods and various combinations can be tailored to your own horses specification. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the benefits this massage therapy rug offers or to book the hire of one of our rugs.

What is the Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug?

The Combi Pro rug is a dual therapy rug, combining powerful pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) with deep massage. The rug covers all the main muscle groups from the poll to tail and can be used daily to support performance alongside your normal routine. The Rug and wraps are also excellent for horses undergoing rehabilitation, area specific stiffness, injuries or just for general maintenance.

  • Improved muscle tone and overall condition
  • Improved flexibility and suppleness
  • Reduces pain, inflammation and stress
  • Improves energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, nutrient uptake, cellular detoxification and regeneration
  • Balance the immune system
  • Accelerate the repair of bone and soft tissue
  • Relax muscles
  • Has a calming effect on those horses prone to stress
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What our customers are saying

Easy hire options, fantastic value and really beneficial to my horse

Jane Williams